Breathtakingly Beautiful Aitutaki

Circling a magnificent expanse of turquoise-coloured lagoon waters, a crown of emerald green islets with its dazzling reef line is collectively known as Aitutaki.

This idyllic island group is the second most popular holiday destination in the Cook Islands. Its triangular-shaped lagoon nurtures an outstanding marine ecosystem brimming with fish life. The exceptional beauty of Aitutaki has been described as “paradise found” and “heaven on earth” but words cannot describe its magnetism. Aitutaki’s tranquility sinks into the soul and never leaves. 

Pacific Resort Aitutaki 
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Aitutaki People
The people of Aitutaki are warm, enthusiastic and welcoming. Beyond the laidback persona, Aitutakians are well known for their keen participation in all sporting and cultural fixtures. Unsurprisingly, Aitutakians often qualify as the champions among their fellow national competitors.

Aitutaki Landscapes
Situated some 220 km north of Rarotonga, (less than one hour&rs