Breathtaking Aitutaki is located in the Southern group of the Cook Islands and it’s crystal clear lagoon is widely known as the most beautiful in the world. Traditionally known as Araura, Aitutaki is situated north of Rarotonga and it takes a 45 minute journey by plane from Rarotonga. Aitutaki is the second most popular destination to visit in the Cook Islands and has a friendly community with a population of approximately 1,200.

The island of Aitutaki is an idyllic paradise, an atoll of lush tropical foliage and white sand beaches ringed by a stunningly beautiful lagoon of turquoise water. Its triangular-shaped lagoon nurtures an outstanding marine ecosystem bursting with marine species. One of the most beautiful of the Cook Islands, it is home to Pacific Resort Aitutaki – a place where time passes slowly and the delights of island life are presented to you in luxurious surroundings.

Aitutaki has one of the smallest airports in the South Pacific with Air Rarotonga which operates return flights to Atiu and Rarotonga. Pacific Resort Aitutaki operates a private reception facility for guests, providing guests with a personal welcome at the airport.

Aitutaki’s amenities  include  banks, local shops, ATMs, a post office, excursions including snorkelling cruises, scuba diving trips and fishing tours, a golf club, island nights, a few bars and a  Saturday market where local produce is sold.

Maunga Pa has a height of 124m and is perfect for hiking; the climb is rewarding for any hiker with beautiful views of Aitutaki and its pristine turquoise lagoon.  One Foot Island is the most popular islet for weddings and is the most important attraction in Aitutaki. It has been awarded ‘Australasia’s Leading Beach’ award by World Travel Awards due to its beauty.

The people of Aitutaki are warm, enthusiastic and welcoming. Aitutakians are well known for their keen participation in all sporting and cultural fixtures.

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