Pacific Resort Rarotonga encourages local community support

Community Support

Pacific Resort Rarotonga is dedicated to supporting the local community. Aside from financial contributions to local schools & sports clubs each year, the resort supports local business by using their services or supplies in their everyday operations and services such as using the local florist, seamstresses, dancers and drummers, to name a few.

As part of Pacific Resort Rarotonga’s 2015 Management Development Programme, each Head of Department needs to complete one community outreach activity during the course of the year.  They need to come up with a new form of giving back to the Cook Islands people, encouraging them to venture out and help a small group or a person in the local community in a different way.  They need to demonstrate the ability to be creative and yet have genuine passion in what they are trying to achieve.

In February, Pacific Resort Rarotonga’s Chef Luther Zainey visited Avatea Primary School, a local school which had re-opened for the first time since it was partially destroyed in a fire last year.  Chef Luther had cleaned out his storage space and came across excess binders & folders from the restaurant.  He decided that since these were of no more use to the restaurant, to give them to the school children as they may get some use & enjoyment out of them, which they indeed have!

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