World Food Day on Rarotonga

Posted on October 13, 2016

World Food Day is an event celebrated around the world each year and brings together people and organisations who are focussed on promoting a healthy and sustainable food system. Each year, World Food Day carries a specific theme; in 2014 it was Family Farming: Feeding the world, caring for the earth, in 2015 it was Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the cycle of rural poverty and in 2016 the theme for World Food Day will be Climate Change: Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.

When is World Food Day?

Each year World Food Day is celebrated on the 16 October to mark the founding date of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations back in 1945.  World Food Day itself was first organised in 1979 and every years since then it has been observed by over 150 countries, raising awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger.

In Rarotonga, we take an active part in supporting World Food Day and this year we will be joining the celebrations on Friday 14 October with a Go Local Food Demonstration at the Punanga Nui Market. The event is once again hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture here in the Cook Islands and as well as being an opportunity to support local businesses who will be selling their locally grown produce, it’s also an opportunity to learn more about World Food Day and how we can all eat more sustainably right here on Rarotonga and the other Cook Islands.

Join the sustainable food movement

As well as produce for sale, you will also be able to buy seedlings and agricultural supplies, encouraging you to set up your own garden to provide for you and your family throughout the year here on Rarotonga. There will be cooking demonstrations, showing you how to cook with locally grown produce, giving you more ideas for things to do with vegetables that you may be unfamiliar with cooking.

Pacific Resort’s mission to support sustainability

Here at Pacific Resort, both on Rarotonga and Aitutaki, we are committed to sustainability and that includes the food we serve at our restaurants. Where possible, we support local producers, helping to build businesses on the island whilst providing our guests with delicious, locally sourced vegetables and fruit. Of course there are things that we still need to import but where possible, when something can be grown on the island, we will try to support the local community and growers as we think this not only helps to develop business on Rarotonga, but also delivers a much better flavour than imported goods.

Support the movement to end world hunger and join the sustainable revolution! Make sure you get down to the Punanga Nui Market this Friday and try out some delicious, locally grown produce or even better, invest in some seedlings and start your own garden.

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