5 great reasons to come to the Cook Islands for Christmas!

Posted on December 14, 2018

You might not necessarily think of the Cook Islands as your first choice for a Christmas destination and if you’re used to a snowy white Christmas (as is the case in the Northern Hemisphere) you might even find the idea a bit strange.

But we’re here to present the other side of the story and make a strong case as to why you should bring yourself and your family and enjoy a Christmas, Cook Islands’ style!

1. Enjoy the Cook Islands without the crowds

We don’t like to boast, but the Cook Islands are a top destination for holidaymakers from all around the world and can be a pretty popular place at times.

Christmas in the Pacific, however, is a comparatively quiet time of year which means you’ll get much more of what’s on offer in the Cook Islands to yourself!

There’s less demand for rooms/places to stay which means you have more choice as a guest. There are plenty of rental cars (and scooters) to go around too which means you’ll be able to potentially save a bit of money getting around as well.

The same goes for activities (like paddleboarding/lagoon cruises) as well as restaurant bookings too. It basically makes everything just a bit easier and more intimate as well for you and whoever you’re with.

2. Swapping a snowy Christmas for a sandy one

We’re not trying to say there’s anything wrong with a snowy white Christmas but if you haven’t already, you have to make sure you try our version of it too, at least once in your life!

You’ll swap out your woolly jumpers and scarfs for swimming gear and sunglasses as you relax on our beaches with long stretches of golden sand and warm lagoon waters.

It may feel a little strange if you’re used to the opposite at first, but trust us, you’ll quickly come around, especially when your usual hot beverages are replaced with our cool Christmas cocktails.

3. No fuss, no stress

As lovely as Christmas at home with the family can be, it does inevitably come with a bit of Christmas stress and frenzy.

First, you have all the shopping that needs to be done, usually at the last minute, in crowded and busy malls. Then there’s the big family gathering and all the organisation/food preparation etc that goes into that. Then (if you have kids) it’s all the excitement and energy they’ve got, usually from relatives giving them too much candy. After all that, you’re often in need of another holiday!

You’ll find your experience quite a bit different in the Cook Islands. There aren’t any malls, the pace of life is casual and relaxed and you’ll be on “Island time” which ticks away nice and slowly. Hard to think of many places more relaxing than the Cook Islands at Christmas, that’s for sure!

4. Cook Island Christmas events

The other great thing about being in the Cook Island over Christmas is that you’ll have the opportunity to go to some of the Christmas events that take place which is a unique thing in itself.

This includes (but is not limited to) the lighting of the Islands’ Christmas lights in December which adds a very festive atmosphere and looks great at night. There’s also the Saturday markets that fully get into the Christmas spirit over this time also attended by Santa himself.

Speaking of Santa, he also has his own parade in mid-December which is a lovely occasion for the whole community that’s great to see and participate in. As well as this, there many other events like Christmas carolling, light shows, movie nights and park events that you can add to the list.

5. Unique experiences and lifelong memories

The best thing about spending your Christmas in the Cook Islands is that it’s such a unique thing to do which will give you and your family lifelong memories to cherish and enjoy. You’ll be able to post some amazing Cook Island Christmas photos and be the envy of all your friends.

The great thing about this is that your experience will likely inspire others to do the same in the future and then they’ll have you to thank for it. So really, by going on Christmas holiday in the Cook Islands you’re doing it for them in the spirit of giving.

Come to the Cook Islands for Christmas!

We hope we’ve made a good case for celebrating one of your next Christmas holidays in the Cook Islands. With the warmth of the Pacific sun and the hospitality and friendliness of the Cook Islanders, we’re sure it’ll be one of the best festive decisions you’ve ever made.

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