A Guide to Aitutakian Maori

Posted on 20/04/2020

A Guide to Aitutakian Maori

At Pacific Resort Aitutaki, we pride ourselves on the warmth, friendliness and profound culture held deeply within the hearts of our staff. True to our company’s values, our resort strives to create an authentic Cook Islands experience for every guest that adventures to our shores.

As our staff members are mostly local, it is easy for our guests to become fully immersed within our Polynesian culture as soon as they arrive. We believe in the power of our cultural identity, and wish to share both our heritage and loving, laid-back approach to life amongst our guests.

Keeping the importance of our culture in mind and while you can’t be with us here at the moment, we have created a guide to Aitutakian Maori, so that those at home can brush up on their language skills before embarking on their travels. Actively using these simple words and phrases around the home is not only a unique way to foster a wider cultural variety within the walls of your household but when you are able to come and visit us again, you will have an edge up on all your fellow guests and our staff be impressed!

Click here to view our Aitutakian Maori language guide.