Advisory Notice – Refurbishment Work at Little Polynesian Resort

Posted on November 23, 2017

Kia Orana from the Cook Islands,

In the interests of transparency we wish to inform you of some remedial work scheduled to take place at Little Polynesian Resort.

In our quest to continually upgrade our facilities and deliver on our promise of ‘absolute guest satisfaction’, we have planned the renovation activity during our quietest time. This work has been scheduled for completion during the dates being 02nd December – 22nd December 2017.

We assure you all facilities at Little Polynesian Resort will operate as normal and there will be minimal (if any) disruption during guests stay.

Outlined below is a brief summary of the project, the dates refurbishment work will be undertaken plus we have attached a map of the resort and highlighted the areas where the work will be completed.

We wish to provide you with notice to advise your agents and any new clients wishing to book at Little Polynesian Resort during this period of the potential disruptions to avoid disappointment and allow them to seek alternative dates outside of our renovations if they feel it would impact on their stay. If a new booking is received during the dates it will be accepted as having been advised at agent end and accepted by your client during this time about the potential disruptions to their stay. We will advise all current bookings held of these changes separately to the agent we received the booking from.

Outlined below is the specific project and the dates refurbishment work will be undertaken. We have also attached a map of Little Polynesian resort and highlighted the areas where the work will be completed.

Roof re- furbishment Beachfront bungalow Room 9 & Room 10

Date of refurbishment:  02nd December to 22nd December 2017.

Overview of work: Removing the current roofing material, attaching battens to the existing subsurface ply and affixing the new Palmex roofing material.

Disruption statement: We have closed off an additional room (Room 8) as a buffer to minimize the effect of any visual or sound interference throughout your stay. When you made your reservation we were not sure if the remedial work could be scheduled at the allotted time. The necessary materials and manpower have only been confirmed as being available in the last 7 days. Hence the short notice.  We feel confident that the project will not impact on our guests enjoyment.

Guest Concessions: Because of the controlled and contained nature of the project work, we will not be extending any specific concessions associated with this particular project.

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