The Best Swimming Beaches on Rarotonga

Posted on August 12, 2016

Rarotonga is a great place to explore and whilst we have already looked at some of the best diving spots on the island, our little atoll is also a paradise for swimmers and snorkelers. The calm, tranquil waters of the lagoon offer some breath-taking places to explore, whether you are keen on spotting fish or just enjoy being out in the water, there’s truly no limit to the secrets waiting to be discovered in our never-ending swimming pool.

Swimming beaches

Both Pacific Resort Rarotonga and Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa are situated right on the most accessible beach on the island; Muri Beach. The lagoon features shallow saltwater marsh making it an ideal place for safe swimming. The warm, clear waters are welcoming to all swimming abilities and are a great place for kids to splash around in the waters without fear for their safety or particular supervision. One of the most popular activities on Muri Beach is the swim over to the islets, natively called Motu’s, that sit directly opposite the resort. These uninhabited mini paradises are perfect to explore the local marine life and discover out for the sea cucumbers that line the lagoon floor!

If you head out of Pacific Resort Rarotonga and turn to your left, there are some more great swimming spots wrapped around the coastline. Titikaveka is just 10-15 minute drive clockwise around the island and is a well known coral reef spot; it’s also fairly quiet so you’ll be able to take in your stunning surroundings in peace. Look out for gaps in the coral reef close to the shoreline, you can usually find a space where you won’t be in danger of scraping your knees but can still observe the beautiful tropical fish!

However, be sure not to follow venture too far out: its dangerous to go too close to the break, where the lagoon meets the sea, as the currents can be extremely strong as the waves crash onto the coral reef that surrounds the island.

Snorkelling beaches

Whilst you can snorkel off Muri Beach, the bottom can get a bit sandy, therefore for the best snorkelling head to the far south of the island, where the water is much clearer. For the adventurous, you can get to these great locations on foot by following the coastline clockwise – heading out of Pacific Resort Rarotonga and down the beach, or you can always hire a scooter, hop on the bus or rent a car and head off exploring with your snorkelling gear.

The best spot for snorkelling on Rarotonga is widely regarded as Fruits of Rarotonga, which is situated just down the beach from Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa, and a long beachfront stroll from Pacific Resort Rarotonga. This area of the lagoon combines coral towers with sandy areas, making it very easy to see the colourful fish darting in and amongst the coral. In some parts, the coast can be quite rocky, making swimming and wading difficult, but when those rocks fill with water at high tide it can make for interesting tide pools to explore.

If you want more advice on the best places to swim or snorkel on the island, be sure to speak to any of our staff members at Pacific Resort Rarotonga or Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa as they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction, and may also have some hidden gems up their sleeves!

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