Coconut Heaven at Little Polynesian Resort

Posted on January 8, 2018

At Little Polynesian Resort not only are we committed to providing the ultimate Cook Islands experience through our luxury resort and romantic accommodation, but we’re also dedicated to promoting and ensuring health benefits for all of our guests.

In paradise, nature always gives a helping hand, as is the case in Rarotonga, where coconut plantations thrive. With coconut palms being considered by many as the Tree of Life, at Little Polynesian Resort we use this versatile and highly nutritious power fruit to the advantage of our guests.

At our serene enclave, on arrival guests can feel refreshed with a chilled drinking nu (coconut water), while facing the majestic coconut trees lining our resort. The trees sway untroubled over our salt watered infinity pool enhancing the already spectacular lagoon views for visual fulfilment like no other…

Starting with breakfast, guests can enjoy a fresh drinking nu variation made daily, with a choice of ginger, lemon grass or passionfruit as their go-to beverage. Our in-house, artisan produced crunchy granola, drizzled with coconut oil and coconut nectar (a natural sweetener) during the roasting process giving a delightful crisp, is part of the most popular breakfast option: our granola served with pawpaw, yoghurt and grated coconut and lime!

For those visitors who have a penchant for light meals at any time of the day, they can opt to try a Cook Islands local speciality, Ika Mata, fresh marinated fish served with delicious pure coconut cream, or a healthy chicken salad accompanied by a tasty coconut yoghurt dressing.

Not forgetting those with a sweet tooth, our rich desserts also come topped with mouth-watering variations of whiteness: candied coconut, crème Chantilly, and grated juicy coconut sprinkles.

As the coconuts seem to be a never-ending luxury on our special island, Little Polynesian Resort takes pride in serving coconut naturally, without the use of any additives.

To end a blissful day at our tranquil abode we recommend guests relax by our poolside and take a sip of Island Flava, our 100% local and organic dream drink infused with a blend of coconut flesh, coconut milk and coconut cream…

Coconut heaven awaits!