Posted on June 3, 2016

Pacific Resort Hotel Group operates 3 leading resort properties in the Cook Islands. We provide superior accommodation facilities and have restaurant and bar operations which provide both quality and a comprehensive food and beverage selection to our discerning clientele. All our properties are located on remote Pacific Islands and sit on the beaches of lagoons and our focus is to ensure that our over-arching vision, our policies and operational procedures mitigate our environmental impact on these fragile eco-systems.


To be leaders among Pacific Island accommodation providers by managing our business in a way that demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection, sustainability and stewardship while meeting the expectations of our visitors and The Cook Islands people. 


  • We will strive to respect Cook Islands culture and customary practises and harness the positive aspects of traditional ways in achieving our environmental sustainability.
  • We will ensure that our individual and industry environmental initiatives comply with all Cook Islands legislation and regulations.
  • As a resort business we will become leaders in setting standards for our region and our local community in the field of environmental protection.
  • Like our guests, our owners and employees enjoy their island life and environment considering it their home. We will foster a strong environmental ethic to underpin our operations, making us stewards of our natural surroundings as a basis for our commitment to constant improvement in environmental conditions.
  • Our accommodation, food and beverage and leisure facilities contribute to improving the quality of life of thousands of visitors each year and because the natural surroundings enhance those experiences we will strive to balance human needs with ecosystem protection.
  • We are committed to working with our staff, our guests and our stakeholders in our industry and our community in ensuring that a continued awareness and understanding of the concept of sustainability and environmental issues is heightened.
  • Ongoing commitment to continuous improvement of our environmental and sustainability procedures by way of benchmarking initiatives.


To maximise our effectiveness in completing our sustainability initiatives we will ensure that our vision and values are driven from the top of our organisational chart and that our community and supplier interaction is also underpinned by our environmental and sustainability values. 

  • Our vision and values have been formulated and will be driven by the CEO and General Managers of Pacific Resort and the mandate for all staff and stakeholders to embrace and achieve our sustainability objectives has been sanctioned by our Board of Directors and Shareholders.
  • We will continually present and reinforce our vision, values, objectives and achievements to our staff, guests and our community by featuring this information in our staff employment handbooks, on notice boards, at our reception desk, in guest room compendiums and on our website. We will also provide opportunities for continual improvement and refinement of our initiatives by encouraging landowners, staff, guests and suppliers to contribute with feedback and suggestions for more effectiveness.
  • We will strive to employ and develop the skills of Cook Islanders before we employ non Cook Island workers. We will also maximise our efforts to recruit from our immediate village to reduce the impact that transportation has on our carbon footprint.
  • We will enhance the principle of waste prevention by purchasing ‘greener products’. We are committed to buying local produce to again minimise the impact that transportation has on our carbon footprint. We will also work with local and offshore suppliers and make them aware of our vision and values. In particular we will request that they demonstrate their sustainability policies and subsequently work with them to ensure that we minimise our combined environmental impact. Packaging is one major area that will receive continual focus.
  • We will be active in our local and business community in promoting the principles of sustainability. We will provide manpower and financial assistance to organisations that are champions of the environmental sustainability cause.


To promote sustainability we will ensure we carefully choose the types and quantities of resources we consume. Furthermore we will ensure that the outputs from our business in the form of waste is released and disposed of in a manner, which ensures preservation of our environment. 

  • Establish procedures to promote continuing improvement of compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Minimise water and electricity consumption through the education our guests and staff members.
  • We will endeavour to collect and filter rainwater in order to ‘top up’ normal water supplies.
  • Utilise solar power as much as possible to store and generate energy for electricity and water heating.
  • Ensure that any power generators are maintained regularly to ensure efficient operation when in use.
  • When waste cannot be prevented ensure as many of the materials as possible are recovered, preferably by recycling.
  • Ensure that re-cycled products are then disposed of appropriately
  • In recognition of the extreme importance that our lagoon has for our business we will ensure that all health and environmental regulation standards are met. In particular we will regularly test our treated grey water and ascertain levels of nutrients present so that we can correctly dispose of that water. We will be vigilant in our quest to ensure that no grey water containing nutrients is directly released into waterways or the lagoon.
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