The newest ocean pearl: The Moana Restaurant and Bar

Posted on August 30, 2017

Pacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) is proud to announce that under the wing of its partner property, Moana Sands Hotel, a new eatery has opened its doors on the island’s southern coast: Moana Restaurant and Bar.

The location of the restaurant is likely to ring a bell, as over the past 15 years this dining spot has had several successful operators – in recent years it was the home of the Sands Restaurant. The new management team lead by Rohan Ellis finalised the sale and purchase agreement of the property this mid-July. Ellis is also the manager of two other fruitful ventures in Rarotonga; The Islander Hotel’s Restaurant and their famous Hula Bar.

Sands Restaurant has been renamed and rebranded to Moana Restaurant and Bar, with “Moana” meaning “ocean” in Cook Islands Maori – a perfect fit with its actual location and namesake Moana Sands Hotel. Further, the restaurant includes a breathtaking spot for romantic getaways with the stunning backdrop that is: the Pacific Ocean.

The kitchen of Rarotonga’s newest eatery is led by Jasmine Kee, the head chef. Kee is known for her simple but refined cooking style, specializing in Pacific cuisine. Moana has its heart set on incorporating local produce on its menu, with an additional strong focus on seafood. Kee’s introductory menu will be updated to customer’s tastes in time.

Looking towards the future, Moana Restaurant and Bar has plans to become a boutique destination venue, with Ellis stating: “We will offer a fun vibe for family and friends in the main restaurant area, as well as a ‘romance couples-only’ destination in the beautiful beachfront dining pavilion”. Rohan already has plans in place to redesign and transform the dining spaces at the Restaurant in order to meet these visions.

PRHG is also pleased to inform that this new business has been beneficial for Cook Islanders, creating 12 new jobs, with the restaurant currently seeking new employees from the nearby villages of Titikaveka and Vaimaanga.

Moana Restaurant and Bar will be welcoming guests for breakfast from 8am, lunch from 11am and dinner from 5pm. The restaurants bar will be open on two shifts, between 7-3pm and 3-10pm and is already proving popular with both tourists and locals with its $3.50 local larger special.

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