Pacific Resort Hotel Group introduces Pacific Resort Aitutaki Nui luxury resort

Posted on June 28, 2019

Pacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) is pleased to share this evolution of their 5 star, luxury resort in the pristine heart of a little paradise; Pacific Resort Aitutaki Nui. The Cook Islands’ resort, situated on the edge of the world famous Aitutaki lagoon, is proudly changing their branding to include ‘Nui’; and will effectively be known as Pacific Resort Aitutaki Nui.

‘Nui’ in Cook Islands Maori translates as immense, very large or very great. There is no other word to encapsulate the unparalleled magnificence of the Aitutaki lagoon the resort is situated upon, while hinting at the grandeur of luxury experience awaiting its guests. 20 kilometres across at its widest and world renowned for its breathtaking beauty, the home of Pacific Resort Aitutaki Nui is a true oasis of plenty.

Glimpsed through the cockpit window on approach by air, the lagoon is an immense, impossibly turquoise jewel in the cobalt blue Pacific. Its majesty is the inspiration for the largess of the luxury experience of the resort. Boutique in size, it feels grand. Yet it retains an intimate and romantic feel.

PRHG CEO Marcus Niszow commented “this rebrand aims to reaffirm Pacific Resort Aitutaki Nui’s existing positioning as the Cook Islands ultimate romantic adult retreat, and set it apart within the group from the similarly branded, family friendly, Pacific Resort Rarotonga”.

The company will be rolling out this rebrand on, associated websites and social media pages over the course of the month.

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