Rarotonga Cafes: The 5 best places to enjoy coffee on the Island

Posted on September 17, 2018

Rarotonga is the ultimate getaway destination to unwind and relax. Beautiful beaches, glorious weather, friendly locals – it’s nothing short of an island paradise.

Nothing goes better with a holiday of R&R than freshly brewed coffee. The flipside of this is that bad coffee can have the opposite effect so one has to choose carefully.

To make that job easier, we’ve created a shortlist for you by selecting what we think are the 5 best cafes in Rarotonga!

1.   Le Bon Vivant – LBV

Le Bon Vivant or LBV as it’s widely known is a great cafe stop especially for those who are looking for an indulgent brunch.

Not only do they have well-trained baristas serving great coffee, but they also bake their own tasty treats and have a fantastic kitchen team offering all the staples you’d expect from a modern cafe anywhere in the world.

Their food cabinet has a great variety of food including salads, pasta salads, baguettes, cakes, muffins and even lollie cakes to please all their Kiwi patrons.

Their speciality treat has to be their donuts however which draw praise from far and wide. Filled with a range of different flavours they are absolutely delicious.

2. Beluga

On the western side of the Island, you’ll find Beluga, a great little cafe that wins fans with every visit by doing what they do very well.

The star of the show, if one has to be picked, has to be their exquisite menu which shows true artisan flair. From the Sashimi Plate with Ponzu Dipping Sauce to the Pan Fried Prawn Salad on Sourdough and the Open Steak Sandwich, everything you read just makes the tummy rumble.

The interior is nicely decorated with local art and sculptures, but they’ve also got outdoor seating with umbrellas to shade you from the Pacific sun.

The service is quick and the hosts are welcoming, making you feel right at home the minute you step in. A lovely place.

3. Deli-Licious Cafe

Back to the eastern side of the Island and just across the road from LBV you’ll find Deli-Licious, another great brunch stop only a few minutes walk from the blissful Muri Beach.

It’s no accident to find two great cafes in close proximity to each other, given the popularity of the area. We like Deli-Licious as it’s a great laid-back option with a decent food cabinet and menu and plenty of outdoor chairs and tables, most of which are shaded by the palm trees out front.

The corn fritters are hot, crisp and sweet and the fresh fish sandwiches are also great. If you’re a sweet tooth then don’t leave without trying (or taking away) a custard square or two!

Deli-Licious is also open on Sundays which is especially handy given many others are closed on the day of rest.

4. Coco Latte

On the south side of Rarotonga, you’ll find Coco Latte, a nice little cafe which is a great retreat to enjoy, especially after the Cross-Island Walk given its close proximity to Wigmore’s Waterfall at the end of the walk.

A friendly, family-owned business, Coco Latte delivers everything you want in a tropical cafe. Great coffee, good food, chilled-out vibes and quick service.

It’s a favourite breakfast spot for many with fans raving about their delicious eggs benedict served with Turkish bread. For those with a healthy appetite, you won’t want to miss out on the Tangaroa Breakfast, a feast that includes eggs, beans, bacon, sausages, bread, hash browns – just about everything really!

For a real Island treat, go straight for their Nu Shakes, a blend of coconut water and vanilla ice cream. It’s the perfect antidote for a hot day in the Pacific.

5. Love Cafe

For a slightly different type of choice, if you’re desperate for a super-quick caffeine fix, then the Love Cafe on the northeast side of the Island on the anti-clockwise drive from Muri Beach to town, will be able to meet your needs.

It’s not much more than a kiosk essentially, but a very pleasant one, with plenty of parking and some outdoor seating to enjoy your favourite brew and your sandwich/snack of choice.

Whilst many of the cafes in the main areas can get quite busy, especially during peak season, the Love Cafe’s location has just the perfect amount of isolation and seclusion for this not to be the case.

As well as coffees and treats, they also do tasty protein shakes to give you the energy boost you need for the day. A lovely little spot that’s quick, easy and peaceful.

Great coffee is here!!!

As you can see, Rarotonga proves that you don’t have to be a city metropolis to have awesome cafes with great coffee. Of course if you’re staying at one of our fantastic resorts and don’t wish to leave the comforts of your deck chair (or otherwise) then we’ll be able to make sure you get your coffee from our own trained baristas, but it’s great to have these other options too for when you’re out and about.


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