Stand Up Paddleboarding – give it a go!

Posted on September 30, 2016

Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP as the cool kids would say) is the world’s fastest growing water sport and there are few better places to give it a go than in the tranquil water of the Muri Lagoon right here on Rarotonga. For those that have never seen or heard of SUP before, it’s kind of a cross between sea kayaking and surfboarding – you basically have a longer than normal surfboard shaped board (usually around 10ft+ long) which you stand on to move yourself around with a long paddle to power you through the water.

Total body workout

Whilst for many, SUP is a bit of fun and the chance to give a new sport a try, for many people throughout the world, this is not only becoming a cool way of getting around but also a great way of working out. You see, despite everything sounding pretty simple, it’s actually harder than it looks. We have seen enough of our guests get out there and give it a go only to end up splashing around in the warm waters of the lagoon to know that it takes good balance and core strength to successfully get around on your board.

That’s why the sport is taking off so quickly – you are literally working all parts of the body from the legs right up to the upper body and core strength is at the heart of every good paddleboarder.

Cruise the waves

As well as being a great way to exercise, it’s also a cool way to explore the waters and get to places you wouldn’t usually swim out to which is why it draws comparisons with sea kayaking. Once you get the hang of things and you get your balance sorted, you will soon be flying along through the water and it’s amazing where your paddleboard can take you.

Getting started with paddleboarding at Pacific Resort

Pacific Resort Rarotonga is a great place to start your paddleboarding adventures. The calm waters of Muri Lagoon are a great place to get your paddleboarding legs and learn how to balance and it won’t be long before you are heading out to explore the small islands that face Pacific Resort. You can hire a board from the Beach Hut Boys for just $10 an hour and you’re straight out onto the water. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a paddleboarding pro, it’s great fun getting into the water and giving it a go. Don’t worry if you fall off – the warm waters of the lagoon are always welcoming and sometimes it’s a great escape from the summer sun!

Beach Hut Boys

Paddleboarding is one of just a number of activities at Pacific Resort Rarotonga. The best place to find out more is down at the Beach Hut where you can take a spin in a kayak, borrow some snorkelling gear or rent a paddleboard as well as get some great advice from the boys on where to explore and what to look out for on the lagoon.

Make sure you give SUP a whirl the next time you are staying with us at Pacific Resort Rarotonga.