Natural Flora and Fauna of the Cook Islands

Posted on 25/06/2023

Our full-time dedicated grounds team tend to each resort’s multi-layered tropical landscapes daily.  Showcasing our passion for protecting and preserving the natural environment for you to enjoy. Each landscape evokes a sense of serene peace.

We are sharing some of the wonderful natural flora and fauna of the Cook Islands you can expect to see during your next holiday with Pacific Resort Hotel Group.

Petals of Paradise

All resorts feature an assortment of tropical trees, plants and flowers, including  23 varieties of brightly-coloured hibiscus flowers, luxuriant crotons and attractive hemigraphis, providing an exotic environment of local and imported flora. We highly recommend exploring our self-guided garden tours at Pacific Resort Rarotonga and Pacific Resort Aitutaki, where you can learn more about the culturally significant flora and fauna our gardens have to offer.

Our grey water irrigation system feeds the gardens, assisting in our mission to reduce our impact on the environment.

The blooming of local flowers is celebrated annually in Rarotonga when the Te Mire Tiare Flower Festival is held, during late November/early December. This festival is named after the national flower: The Tiare Maori (gardenia).

Local Wildlife

The Cook Islands is also home to a variety of wildlife on land and in the ocean. The physical isolation of the Cook Islands has led to the development of a diverse flora and fauna. You can discover an array of tropical fish, coral reefs, mokos (lizards), birds, shellfish, crabs, marine turtles, humpback whales and more.

Discover our new coral nursery at Pacific Resort Aitutaki. You might even get the chance to plant some coral! The Discover Marine Wildlife & Eco Centre is a rainy-day must-do for nature lovers and families, based in Rarotonga. Here you can find many interesting displays and artefacts. If the outdoors is where you want to be, there are many guided nature tours around Rarotonga. There you can spot some of the local wildlife in their natural habitat.

As you can see, there are many facinating species of wildlife, flora and fauna to discover. Another reason to start making plans for your next getaway to our little paradise in the South Pacific.

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