Elastic Island Adventures: Rarotonga Chapter Updates

Posted on 17/08/2023

Explore the exciting journey with Elastic Island Adventures: Rarotonga


Chapter one – Getting Set to Go to Rarotonga

‘Welcome to Elastic Island, dear children, Heathcliff the Dog and Blong the Cat,’ said Mr Jollybowler. ‘It’s a pleasure to welcome you on our luxury service to islands in the South Pacific. Today we will be departing to the beautiful shores of Rarotonga! Allow me to introduce you to Kura the Kupa, the Cook Islands Fruit-Dove, who is my assistant for this destination. ’Kura the Kupa cooed softly and smiled at them. ‘Kia orana,’ she said. ‘Do you know what that means?’ ‘It’s hello,’ said Emma promptly. ‘It’s a greeting.’ She had read about this. ‘That is correct. It is our greeting,’ said Kura the Kupa. ‘But it is also so much more. It means “may you live long”, so it’s also a blessing.” ’Oh, that is lovely!’ sighed Blong. ‘Kia orana! Kia orana to all!’ He did a small dance, looking impossibly cute in his snazzy red raincoat.

Mr Jollybowler pulled out flower crowns for all the travellers and placed them on each of their heads. ‘A small gift for each of you before we depart.’ ‘Oh, a flower garland!’ cried Blong.  ‘I love it!’ ‘It’s charming,’ said Emma. ‘Awesome!’ said Kiri.

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