Pacific Resort Aitutaki embraces sustainable luxury

Posted on 09/08/2023

Pacific Resort Aitutaki Joins Small Luxury Hotels of the World Considerate Collection

Pacific Resort Aitutaki is thrilled to announce a momentous achievement that marks a new chapter in our journey. We have been warmly welcomed into Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s (SLH) prestigious Considerate Collection. This recognition applauds our commitment to sustainable practices and our role in nurturing eco-tourism, encapsulating the essence of sustainable luxury.

Nestled on a pristine atoll in the South Pacific, Pacific Resort Aitutaki stands as a shining example of embracing sustainable luxury. Our collection of 29 bungalows, villas, and suites not only provide a lavish escape but also resonates with discerning travellers who value environmentally conscious practices.

SLH’s Considerate Collection boasts a line up of actively sustainable luxury hotels, that go the extra eco mile, proving that luxury is compatible with longevity.

The recognition of Pacific Resort Aitutaki’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond our own initiatives. SLH has collaborated with reputable players in sustainable travel and luxury hospitality, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and Weeva. This partnership ensures a trusted and transparent framework that supports properties in adopting holistic and measurable sustainability practices.

The heart of the Considerate Collection beats with three core pillars: Community Minded, Cultural Custodians, and Environmentally Conscious. These pillars find their foundation in a robust sustainability management system, reinforcing each hotel’s dedication to responsible and thoughtful practices.

Daniel Luddington, VP of Development at Small Luxury Hotels of the World, emphasizes the significance of Pacific Resort Aitutaki’s inclusion. He remarks, “Pacific Resort Aitutaki is a standout property in this collection, demonstrating how a small luxury hotel can have a significant positive impact. Its commitment to sustainability serves as a model for other hotels in the industry, and we’re proud to showcase it as an example of excellence.”

Our journey towards sustainability within the Considerate Collection is marked by rigorous standards. Each hotel within the collection has undergone certification by a GSTC Accredited Certification Body or a GSTC Recognized Standard. Additionally, our resort has successfully navigated a comprehensive assessment by the SLH Sustainability Advisory Panel, with a review by GSTC.

Pacific Resort Aitutaki’s induction into SLH’s Considerate Collection is not just a recognition; it’s a celebration of sustainable luxury. As the world of hospitality evolves, this partnership demonstrates that luxury can embrace responsibility without compromise. With each stay at Pacific Resort Aitutaki, guests become part of a narrative that champions both indulgence and ecological mindfulness, inspiring a future where luxury and sustainability coexist harmoniously.


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