Pacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) – Quality assured and Certified

Posted on 07/02/2023

Pacific Resort Hotel Group’s premium collection of luxury and boutique beachfront resorts, restaurants and Te Manava Spa have all been confirmed as Cook Islands Quality Assured and Mana Tiaki Certified.

The Cook Islands Quality Assured accreditation programme provides confirmation that businesses are a quality tourism product. The accreditation is based on an extensive list of standards and guidelines. This programme carefully examines, redefines and realigns to the “Cook Islands Sustainable Tourism Policy and Framework Goals” and the “Global Sustainable Tourism Council” criteria designed to provide confidence to visitors that they are choosing an operator that has gone above and beyond to assure high level service, quality facilities, safe practices, and friendly Cook Islands hospitality.

PRHG believe the protection of the natural environment is crucial to the long-term sustainability of the tourism industry.

Mana Tiaki means guardianship with a sacred purpose, to preserve it for future generations keeping the culture and heritage alive. To become a Mana Tiaki operator, businesses must first be accredited with Cook Island Quality Assured then are qualified by visits from Te Ipukarea Society and The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

The achievement of having all resorts, restaurants and spa certified recognises the Group’s passion and commitment to best practises in these areas. As responsible guardians of the land and the environment PRHG continues to be a leader in South Pacific hospitality with staff dedicated to maintaining high standards of sustainable tourism.

Click here for more information on the Cook Islands Quality Assured and Mana Tiaki programmes.


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