Bonefishing in Aitutaki

To the avid angler, Aitutaki presents the challenge of a lifetime as the tropical Aitutaki Lagoon waters are where the world’s largest Bonefish make their home. The incredible Aitutaki lagoon is home to some of the largest Bonefish in the world. Wit, speed, and power are what make the Bonefish such a worthy opponent. Click here to learn more about Bone Fishing in Aitutaki

Please see the guest services team while in-house, who would be delighted to assist in organising a charter.


Spotting the flash of the fish, casting with pinpoint accuracy and reacting rapidly as the line pulls taught and tears off the reel requires a skill and finesse like no other form of fishing – mastering the sport can become an addiction! Join local expert operator E2 for a half or full day Bonefishing charter.