Aquatic Eco Trail

A ‘must do’ activity while you are a guest of Pacific Resort Aitutaki!

Pacific Resort Hotel Group partnered up with Pacific Islands Conservation Initiative (PICI) to raise awareness of the fragile eco system,
and challenges facing our reefs.

Through the Cook Island’s first Aquatic Eco Trail at Pacific Resort Aitutaki, we aim to increase awareness and understanding of these unique challenges,
while highlighting the beauty of this area for all of our guests to enjoy.

Overview of the trail

Pacific Resort Aitutaki’s Aquatic Eco Trail is a self-guided snorkelling and educational tour of Pacific Resort’s lagoon environment that you can discover whenever you next visit

Our team are passionate caretakers of our environment, we undertook an initiative a few years ago that has become a well-received educational activity for our visitors.


There are five different habitats when you explore. Each are identified separately (each marked with a white buoy).

The map supplies an overview of each species, while you explore.

The five lagoon habitats are: Mature Porites Bommies, Regenerating Corals, Acropora Nursery, Holothurian Beds and Near Shore Sandy Nursery.

With many varieties of marine species found in each of these habitats there will surely be something new to discover from the green sea turtle, angelfish, butterfly fish, blue starfish to the giant clam.