Our Environment – TE IPUKAREA SOCIETY 2022 – Gold Member

Posted on 14/09/2022

Pacific Resort Hotel Group is proud to continue supporting our environment and the Cook Islands Te Ipukarea Society as a gold member.

Te Ipukarea Society is an environmental organisation based in the Cook Islands, formed to help look after Ipukarea, ‘our heritage’.

Te Ipukarea Society encourages innovative, proactive, positive outcomes to environmental problems, working with individuals, families, community organizations, private sector and government. The society provides leadership on critical environmental issues and a voice for local, regional, and nation-wide ecological groups. They are also members of IUCN and Birdlife International.

The shared philosophy is that we do not own our land and marine resources, but borrow them from our future generations. Therefore, it is our responsibility to leave them in good condition for those that come after us.

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