Pacific Resort Aitutaki embraces Green Technology

Posted on 09/08/2019

Pacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) prides itself on being leaders when it comes to sustainability and the environment, while delivering a hospitality experience surpassing guest expectations.

To this end the 5 star Pacific Resort Aitutaki recently undertook an environmental audit of their water systems. Marcus Niszow, CEO of Pacific Resort Hotel Group explains “…  as a company we are always looking for ways to better take care of our beautiful environment here in the Cook Islands. But finding proven eco-friendly methods of keeping water sanitised has been a challenge. Our senior executive team identified an alternative to our previous method of treating water in the usual way with chlorine, and we decided to investigate further.…”

Image of installation similar to Pacific Resort’s

The eco-friendly alternative involves treating water electro chemically using ANK Neutral Anolyte. PRHG reached out to Dr Ian Calhaem, an expert in water treatment technology, who spearheaded a pilot plant trial at the Pacific Resort Aitutaki site for an initial period of 4 weeks. The pilot trial tested ease of use in a remote location, with independent water testing carried out by Watercare New Zealand to ensure the water met WHO drinking water standards. Within a few days of beginning the trial, staff at Pacific Resort Aitutaki reported no smell or chemical taste to the water, no irritation to the skin, nil micro counts, and zero safety risks with the treatment process.

Following the pilot trial success, management approved the scoping of an automated treatment system, while retaining the pilot plant onsite. Anolyte solution was also tested as a solution for hard surface disinfection around kitchen areas and guest bathrooms. The user-friendly nature of the product has proven popular with staff and guests, and has now replaced conventional sanitising chemicals.

The technology is based on a naturally occurring substance in the human body – hypochlorous acid – produced by the white blood cells to fight infection and stop pathogens from building up immunity. Being a product of our bodies, hypochlorous acid is 100% safe to humans even in its most concentrated form. Until recently the use of hypochlorous acid as a sanitiser was not viable due to its short shelf life, however, by electrolysing common table salt using Envirolyte technology that issue has been resolved.

Niszow, the Pacific Resort CEO reports “We are very happy with the results. We are now exceeding WHO water standards while using an eco-friendly process based on common table salt.  With the assistance of Envirolyte New Zealand we are pleased to have successfully implemented this eco-friendly and safe water treatment and sanitation solution.”


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