Pacific Resort Rarotonga’s Tropical Garden Paradise

Posted on 02/02/2021

Pacific Resort Rarotonga’s Tropical Garden Paradise

Today we would like to talk about something we get plenty of comments and great feedback on, our gardens! As Pacific Resort Rarotonga is the largest of all our properties, we thought we would focus on its stunning grounds and all the hard work our team put into keeping it beautiful…

Offering 23 varieties of brightly-coloured hibiscus flowers, luxuriant crotons and attractive hemigraphis ground cover – the gardens of Pacific Resort Rarotonga are really a sight to see. These plants all combine to provide an exotic tropical environment of local and imported flora, of which we are very proud of and hope you will enjoy when here with us.

Venture out onto our manicured resort grounds on a sell guided garden tour and learn about the culturally significant flora our gardens have to offer.

A grey water irrigation system is used to water and feed the gardens, helping to reduce our impact on the environment. We also sort through all our rubbish daily, setting aside that which can be recycled (about half of the waste produced in the resort) as part of our dedication to sustainability.

You may see some of the team out in the garden raking fallen leaves or up the palm trees collecting coconuts (Nu). What a perfect idea next visit to grab a chilled Nu from the bar (nothing better than an icy cold Pina Colada) served the way nature intended – in a coconut!.

Our grounds team is always pleased to talk about the gardens, so if you see them around on your next visit to our little paradise, give them a wave and say Kia Orana!

To view the Garden Tour information,  please click here.